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Our mission is to give mainstream citizens a powerful voice in the decisions that will define America’s economic future. Right now we’re on the sidelines with special interests calling the shots and partisan gridlock making sure our biggest challenges go unaddressed. Big Tent is in the process of building a nonpartisan online platform to change this equation – one that leverages state-of-the art tools to put citizens at the center of economic decision making where they belong. The fact is, significant agreement exists across the political spectrum on a range of issues vital to America’s future. However, they aren’t gaining traction because forging sustainable coalitions involving mainstream citizens is currently much too difficult.US Constitution

We plan to address this problem by inviting every American to create a personalized civic homepage that reflects their economic interests and priorities. Building it will take just two minutes and having one will increase citizen empowerment by dramatically streamlining the civic engagement process. How? First, by putting diverse, high integrity research at your fingertips – what you need to make up your own mind. Second, by bringing together citizens with shared interests and helping them develop pragmatic approaches to enhance American prosperity. Finally, by providing the powerful tools required to ensure your ideas impact economic strategy at the national, state and local level.

Whether you have 5 hours a week or only 5 minutes – you can make a meaningful contribution to realizing this vision. Sign in right now and learn what you can do to make sure the American Dream survives and thrives. A free, fair and inclusive economy is achievable, but only if you help make it happen!

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