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Transportation Infrastructure Policy

by Cathleen Fracasse

Transportation Scorecard - CFR

CFR_logo.pngAs part of its mandate as a non-partisan membership organization and think tank, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) publishes high quality content that puts some of the biggest issues we face in the context of the global community in which we live. In this Progress Report, the CFR presents a high level infographic detailing the challenges the U.S. faces in its transportation infrastructure.

It's impossible to travel in the United States without recognizing our transportation challenges. But how extensive are the problems with our roads, bridges and railways, and can Americans ever come to agreement on how to begin to improve this situation? The Council on Foreign Relations finds the facts, and presents them through a succinct but important infographic.

Take a look at the CFR's scorecard - and the infographic below -  and explore their research.




Are they on the right track? Are these the appropriate statistics for analyzing and understanding America's transportation problems?



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