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Managing Conflict in Teams - Lindred Greer

March 10, 2016 by Cathleen Fracasse

Managing Conflict in Teams - Lindred Greer

Lindred Greer, Professor at Stanford Graduate School of Business, discusses the signs that indicate an escalation towards non-productive conflict.

By learning to identify these indicators, team leaders and members can begin to identify the underlying cause of these conflicts and intervene before the conflict becomes personal and destructive. As the conflict escalates, other team members take sides and 'you have a brawl'. Greer describes the types of conflict that might be encountered, and the tactics needed to short circuit the conflict quickly and effectively, without derailing the team efforts.


Professor Greer describes the types of conflicts and ways to manage them in this video.

For an article describing these concepts, click here.

At Big Tent Nation, we strive for the most effective, diverse teams possible, as we know from the research that these teams, if managed effectively, are capable of achieving the highest degrees of creativity and effectiveness.

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