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Evaluate Our Tools

November 18, 2015 by Cathleen Fracasse

Evaluate Our Tools

The development of the components of Big Tent Nation must be a community effort. From the content to the toolset, this is a collaborative effort. We'll provide the opportunity to review components as we work through them, and we'll ask for your honest feedback so that together we can make this community an effective lever of change.

Civility Pledge

All communities set standards by which their members engage - from the local service organization to the massive online communities, some set of standards must be clearly defined and agreed upon. Though we're calling ours a "Civility Pledge" at the moment, it's really a lot more than that.

Civility Pledge PageWe want to lay out a set of standards that will ensure all voices of integrity are heard; that members may challenge one another, support one another, and learn from one another without fear of personal attack; and that members bring to bear the best techniques and mechanisms for critical thinking, meaningful assessment of opposing positions, and self-reflection.

Take a look at the current iteration of our Pledge, then fill out the survey that's linked there. We'll publish new versions as critical mass is reached on the components of the Pledge, and we'll continue to ask for your feedback.

Click hereto review the Civility Pledge.

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