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Civility Pledge

At Big Tent Nation, we're pretty open-minded about a lot of things. But there are certain values about which we feel very strongly, and that we believe are essential to the development and health of a diverse, intelligent, creative and successful community. These values are pretty basic - and there are only a few. Take a look, and let us know what you think.


Members will observe transparency in all processes, affiliations and agendas. What does that mean? It means that members of this community will be honest about who they are and what they are trying to accomplish. If they are part of an organization with a particular agenda, they will be open about that affiliation - we're perfectly happy that you're involved with other organizations, but if you are pushing their agenda you need to be transparent about it. We value Transparency not so you can be called out on your associations or agendas, but to help facilitate a deeper level of engagement. Are you a teacher discussing K-12 Education? Let us know! Are you an engineer working for a construction firm, discussing your take on funding for high speed rail? Bring it on - but let us know that that's part of your identity.


Members will not spread falsehoods or pretend to be someone they are not; this will include the use of trolling tactics to derail legitimate discourse and/or process, or to otherwise disrupt community activity. Any content or comment that represents trolling activity will be removed. We consider trolling an act of dishonesty at its base - and we think that trolls are not particularly honest with themselves. That's why we consider it part of our obligation to the community to remove trolling content - and the trolls themselves - from Big Tent Nation.


Members will not devolve into personal attacks or denigration, and will treat other members, and the process, with respect; this will include avoiding telling other people what to do or think. Members will not resort to name calling or personal attack, but will maintain focus on the issues. Again, be who you are, believe what you believe, and listen to each other with respect. Respect is essential not only in how community members treat one another, but in how they express themselves. If a member posts content that is disrespectful in the larger society - by, for example, advocating violence or mistreatment of others - we will remove that content. Saying terrible things in a nice voice doesn't make them any less terrible.


Members will not discriminate, in words or actions, against anyone for any reason, including political affiliation, gender, race and religion.