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Briefing Book Structure

September 10, 2015 by Cathleen Fracasse

Briefing Book Structure

The Briefing Books are intended to act as a mechanism for community input and discussion. As they evolve, each Briefing Book will support members old and new as they seek to understand the different aspects of the Priority area as they pertain to national prosperity. These Briefing Books are not Big Tent Nation's 'position papers' on anything - they will represent the diverse community's assessment of the problem and its possible solutions.

Click through here to view the generic Briefing Book format, with descriptions of each section and an invitation to review all of the Priority area Briefing Books. Come back here after reviewing the generic layout, and let us know in the Discussion section below what you think about the Briefing Book concept, and the specific sections we've included. Are we missing an area that should be covered? Is this approach meaningful and effective? Share your thoughts and engage with others so that, together, we can build an informed community that can work together towards increased prosperity across the country.

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